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What is Foundation for Spark Incubation Centre

Foundation for Spark Incubation Centre is a business incubation center of Sagar Smart City Limited. With programs specifically catering to entrepreneurs with profit ventures and social ventures, also student and women entrepreneurs, Foundation for Foundation for Spark Incubation Centre (SPARK) offers its support to various players of the startup ecosystem. This center is currently being managed by Incubation Masters.

Foundation for SPARK Incubation Center is an ambitious project of Sagar Smart City Limited Limited which is a sector agnostic business incubation center of Sagar. This incubation center aspires to create a culture of excellence & nurture the young entrepreneurs by providing them with mentorship, technology support, funding facilitation, marketing guidance & other required assistance they need to establish their entrepreneurial dream.

Our Vision :

Our primary vision is to facilitate a platform for a budding entrepreneur to start a business venture with minimum risks and to create world class, self-sustaining business incubation facility & innovation ecosystem that will nurture knowledge based, technologically differentiated, socially relevant ventures and creating economic impact on citizen of Smart City Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and our nation at large

Our Mission:

The mission of Foundation for Spark Incubation Centre is to nurture and empower the next generation entrepreneurs to serve the local problems and to develop sustainable startup ventures in order to create jobs, revitalize community, commercialize new technology and strengthen local and national economy

Focused Industry Verticals:

Technology, Internet, Urban Development, Waste Management, Cyber Security, Mobile, Greentech, Cleantech, Biotech, Healthcare, Gaming, Edutech, Data Analytics, SaaS, Sanitation, Manufacturing, Transport, Agriculture, Food & Food Processing

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